We perceive life in the three dimensions of space plus the fourth dimension being time. Love is often considered the fifth dimension. Love may be thought of as the deep dark matter, the gravity that binds our souls, the common thread of existence. We perceive it, but we cannot measure it. Science cannot quantify love, but many explain love as a fabric and over time as a recursive river. In a recursion, the concept of beginning and end don’t truly exist. A recursion infinitely wraps upon itself. The spiral of life, each time similar and linked to the past, but each time unique unto itself.

Burlacticus is the wild, untamed wave that rides on the recursive river of love. It is the undeniable force of which none can escape. There is no swimming upstream, there is only downstream. Burlacticus is the force that carries you from one life to the next. You may get caught by this Burlacticus and possibly dragged down against your will into the infinite depths of your consciousness. But, if you let go and learn to ride the wave of Burlacticus through time and space, you may be jettisoned to the ultimate euphoric heights of existence. Burlacticus though frightening is always enlightening as it is the infinite wisdom of the universe. Burlacticus will set you free.

Music is the razor’s edge of love and pain wrapped in rhythm and melody. It’s a potent cocktail of the will of our soul. When we feel beat down and dragged through the dirt, we can turn to music for strength. Music fills our tank with the desire to continue. To carry on. To pursue and to never turn away from love. Music is the religion of redemption.

Music is the living manifestation of surfing the Burlacticus Undertow.

This is Burlacticus Recording Company.


Our Mission:

When BURL Audio began meeting musical artists from all over the world on The Flight of the Mothership tours, we not only started a new relationship with each artist, but a new musical adventure. We began to accumulate some really phenomenal musical material and we want to share it with the world.

The music we release through Burlacticus Recording Company was created using the BURL Audio product line in legendary studios all over our planet. From Los Angeles to Switzerland to Hong Kong, the musicians, the studios, and our dear friends who run these establishments have allowed us to create some really magical moments that we can now put onto our favorite musical medium; Vinyl.

A few times a year, we will release a new album in a tangible form, a vinyl record, but also something that may be more accessible to some people; a high-resolution digital download. We want this music to be played at its best and we believe these mediums will showcase the musicians’ dreams, and also the tools that were used in the creative process. The best consoles in the world, the best microphones, the best rooms, and the best converters.

Here at Burlacticus Recording Company and BURL Audio, we pride ourselves in not only creating the best possible tools to help you create something epic, but also creating that something special ourselves. All of our BURL Audio music offerings are tracked, mixed, mastered and cut to vinyl using BURL Audio AD/DA conversion.

We love music. Music brings us together.